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Ekondo Christmas Account

Save and earn satisfactory interest annually. Ekondo Christmas Account lets you save towards the annual Calabar Carnival with excitement that comes from knowing you are ready for the fiesta.

Features and benefits

  •  Opening balance – N 1000
  •  For civil/public servants in State/Federal.
  •  It can be used as collateral.
  •  Duration is for 12 months.
  •  May be rolled over at customers request.
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Ekondo Target Savings

This product encourages savers to save for the purpose of meting specific targets like Christmas, purchase of land, pilgrimages expenses, School fees, wedding etc. It has a required initial opening balance of N500 only.

This product attracts an additional 2% above the normal savings rate if the customer keeps to the terms of the agreement.

Features and benefits

  •  Account opening Balance – N 1000
  •  Savings for the future events or ceremonies
  •  Attracts additional interest of 2%
  •  May be accepted as collateral
  •  Savings may be regular
Open Ekondo Target Savings Account